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View our spa services below. Designed to help you get more out of your stay in Fond du Lac, our spa offerings are the perfect addition to your trip, business or leisure. 

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Quintessence Facial
This rejuvenating facial suited for all skin types is designed to maintain a healthy, clear complexion. A customized selection of specially formulated products will address the current needs of your skin and promote cellular regeneration. Indulgent massage for your face, neck and shoulders will improve circulation and enhance overall relaxation. When finished, your skin will be fresh and clarified.

50 minutes | $120

Calming Recovery Facial
Even sensitive skin will be left glowing after this calming, soothing treatment. A gentle peel refreshes skin without irritation while a nourishing mask helps to protect and restore hydration. Start combating sensitivity with peptides and botanical stem cell extracts that help to promote an even skin tone by reducing visible signs of redness. An uplifting eye treatment gives the perfect finish to this gentle, restorative treatment.

50 minutes | $120

Fire and Ice Facial
This stimulating facial alternates between warm and cool for immediate radiance. An instant cooling mask treatment detoxifies and minimizes the appearance of pores and offers immediate firming and nourishment. A potent peel blend erases fine line, wrinkles, blemishes, and rough textured skin. Advanced peptides offer advanced exfoliation and fresher, younger, and smoother skin.

80 minutes | $180

Illuminating Facial
Even out, lighten and brighten many types of skin discoloration including age spots, sun damage, acne marks and pregnancy mask. This brightening treatment will help address pigmentation concerns without the use of harsh chemicals by combining proven natural skin brighteners with gentle exfoliation. A potent dose of antioxidants helps to protect the skin while a targeted treatment serum jump starts a more even complexion.

50 minutes | $140

Aging with Attitude Firming Facial
Firm, soften and revitalize your complexion with this advanced treatment utilizing plant stem cell technology. aging with attitude begins with lactic acid, hydra radiance peel; its powerful concentration of enzymes delivers instant toning. Skin is nourished with vitamins and botanicals during a relaxing massage, followed by a serum and an age defying mask designed to help regain plumpness and elasticity. Aging with attitude leaves your skin looking lifted, firm and lustrous.en’s skin can be compromised by environmental stress and exposure to everyday elements. This rejuvenating facial is formulated for deep cleansing action to promote cellular regeneration and result in corrected skin tone. When finished, your skin will be fresh and clarified.

80 minutes | $170

Clear Skin Detox Facial
Target existing breakouts while drawing out impurities & refining texture to fight future flare-ups. Calm and prevent acne with a thorough facial cleansing. Enzymatic exfoliation softens and preps skin to clear debris from follicles, followed by a clay treatment mask to draw out excess oil. Medicated ingredients reduce bacteria, purify the skin and irritation. Couple this professional treatment with home care products for the ultimate acne clearing solution.

50 minutes | $140

Smooth Skin Facial
Refine skin’s texture with this ultra-smoothing facial treatment featuring Glycolic Acid. This powerful Hydroxy Acid combines with Retinol to help stimulate cellular regeneration and condition skin, revealing a healthy, luminous complexion. An aromatherapy massage and hydrating mask add a soothing aspect to this active treatment, balancing results with relaxation.

50 minutes | $140

Men's Performance Facial
Men’s skin can be compromised by environmental stress and exposure to everyday elements. This rejuvenating facial is formulated for deep cleansing action to promote cellular regeneration and result in corrected skin tone. When finished, your skin will be fresh and clarified.

50 minutes | $120

Seasonal Facial
Pumpkin Enzyme Seasonal Facial. A hydrating classic facial using pumpkin enzymes and fall scents. The pumpkin facial will brighten and firm your skin to its most youthful state.

50 minutes | $120

Express Facial
A detoxifying cleanse, exfoliation and balancing hydrating mask revive the skin. Followed by moisturizer and sunscreen to round out this express service.

20 minutes | $70 Monday – Thursday only


Pink Himalayan Stone Therapy
Traditional stone massage is elevated using warm Himalayan salt stones. Relax your body, dissolve muscle tension, and subtly detoxify. The natural healing benefits of the salt crystals will absorb negative ions calming the central nervous system. This will restore overall balance resulting in deep relaxation and improved sleep patterns.

50 minutes | $130
80 minutes | $180

Sacred Heated Stone Massage
This ancient art of healing uses warmed smooth ballast stones to bring relief to tense muscles and sore joints by the application of deep, penetrating heat. A massage as relaxing as a Swedish massage, but ten times as penetrating. The heat and healing energy of the stones sink into the deepest layers of muscle to bring you to a new level of relaxation.

50 minutes | $130
80 minutes | $180

Four Elements Massage
Combines the therapeutic elements of earth, water, fire and air to give you a full body rejuvenation. This signature massage will balance the earthly elements within you to restore your sense of calm and energy levels. Using essential oils that are most suited for your body to bring you complete harmony. The signature massage includes a soothing scalp treatment leaving you to experience Nirvana.

80 minutes | $180

Crystal Chakra Balancing Massage
This treatment uses 7 luxurious oil blends infused with crystals and attuned to one of the seven chakras corresponding energy. Each of the 7 oil blends is used beginning with organic ginger and rosemary that awaken and vitalize all the body’s systems and finish at the scalp with tranquil, fragrant vetiver and high-grown lavender that combine to carry you into a deep state of bliss.

80 minutes | $190

Quintessence Signature Massage
Having a hard time deciding what kind of massage you would like? With this massage you don’t have to select only one specific type. Our signature multiple modality massage integrates Swedish, Reflexology, Deep Tissue, Heated Stones and a customized Aromatherapy scent for the ultimate massage experience.

50 minutes | $130
80 minutes | $180

Classic Swedish Massage
The classic Swedish massage provides an escape from the stressors of life. Light to moderate pressure with kneading and long flowing movements soothe tired muscles, increase circulation, and release tension. Excellent for those seeking physical serenity or those new to massage therapy.

50 minutes | $120
80 minutes | $170

Deep Muscle Massage
For the more experienced massage guest, a customized deep tissue massage provides a more intense, pain relieving experience. Concentrated and more invigorating techniques focus on the deeper layers of muscles to alleviate chronic pain patterns or address deep-seated tensions.

50 minutes | $140
80 minutes | $190

Pre-natal Massage
This wonderfully pampering and well-deserved treatment uses specially blended oils and expert massage techniques to alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy. Intricately placed pillows support the body in a secure resting side-lying position. Can only be performed in 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Not recommended for high-risk pregnancies.

50 minutes | $120
80 minutes | $170

Express Destress Massage
Recharge with our 20-minute focused massage targeting one specific problem area. Your therapist will customize your session with both pressure and technique maximizing your time and therapeutic benefit.

20 minutes | $70 Monday – Thursday only

Couples Massage
Tailor the perfect spa experience for yourself and a friend or loved one. Both guests will choose the massage of their choice to be enjoyed side-by-side in our duet suite.

Body Treatments

Fire and Ice Total Body
This wrap focuses on the warm and stabilizing sun and earth elements. First, the skin is stimulated with dry-brushing. The body is then massaged with a blend of shea butter, organic botanical extracts and pure essential oils that stimulate blood flow to soothe and revive tired, aching muscles. You are then wrapped in steamy, hot linens that have been steeped in mineral salts, juniper berries, ginger, rosemary and cinnamon. A heated and cooled stone facial massage relieves sinus pressure and facial tension. This treatment is excellent for sore, tight muscles, nervous tension and poor circulation.

80 minutes | $195

Quintessence Body Ritual
Quiet the mind and ward off premature aging with this ultra-hydrating ritual. An aromatherapy body scrub gently sloughs away dead skin cells. Steamed towels remove the scrub and a deeply nourishing body wrap is applied, your therapist will then cocoon you into bliss before performing a scalp massage as the wrap works to tone, firm and renew the skin. Arise awakened, radiant, and renewed.

65 minutes | $150

Nourishing Body Wrap
This deeply detoxifying wrap helps to relieve tension while sealing in vital moisture with a customized body firming mask. A revitalizing lifting serum provides immediate tightening and helps support healthy collagen. While wrapped in a warm cocoon drift away while our Serenity Scalp Treatment nourishes your hair and scalp.

50 minutes | $125

Rejuvenating Body Scrub
Reveal glowing youthful skin with this anti-aging body treatment. A customized exfoliation polishes away dry, aging skin and reveals a brighter, smoother more even appearance.

35 minutes | $80

Five Element Healing Journey
Experience all 5 elements as water, air, earth, fire, and aether are incorporated in this healing journey. A traditional relaxing Hawaiian lomi lomi massage rid the body of old patterns, encouraging balance and harmony. Nine pure grade essential oils are systematically massaged into areas along the spine aiding the nervous system, supporting immune function and decreasing inflammation. A heated stone layout on the back allows the oils to penetrate deeply. A warm oil scalp massage alleviates worries and foot reflexology stimulates the organs, encouraging detoxification and grounding the body. This treatment will leave you feeling completely rejuvenated and renewed!

90 minutes | $215

Water Renewal Wrap
The qualities of this wrap embrace those of the water and air elements: uplifting, awakening and rejuvenating. “raindrops” of energizing essential oil blends are sprinkled along energy points of the body and massaged into the skin. You are then cocooned in hot linens infused with eucalyptus, peppermint and lemongrass. While wrapped, you will receive a foot and scalp massage. The treatment is completed with a relaxing massage with shea butter. This treatment will help relieve nervous exhaustion, revitalize your energy and activate your senses.

80 minutes | $195

From the Earth Body Remedy
Based on Native American tradition of using mineral-rich medicinal mud and light massage therapy, this treatment detoxifies and relaxes sore muscles and joints. This balancing ritual starts with a stimulating application of a sugar scrub infused with prickly pear and jojoba to smooth, nourish and prepare the skin. A therapeutic mud wrap infused with sage and arnica ease inflammation of joints and aid in cell regeneration. A “grandfather stone massage” further relaxes the body and soul. Finish with a hydrating body butter infused with sage.

90 minutes | $215

Seasonal Massage/Scrub
A blend of seasonal essential oils and sugar crystals are brought together through massage to increase the body’s lymphatic flow and stimulate circulation. Steamed towels remove the mixture and your back, neck and shoulders are massaged to ease away tension.

50 minutes | $120

Waxing Services

  • Full Leg: $70
  • Half Leg: $50
  • Bikini: $45
  • Under Arm: $30
  • Arm: $40
  • Upper Lip or Chin: $20
  • Eyebrow: $20
  • Facial: $40
  • Back or Chest: $80
  • Full Bikini: $90

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